Living with COVID-19, testing, self isolating and test and trace

In these difficult times during the Covid 19 pandemic, we wanted to find out people’s views on coronavirus testing, the NHS Test and Trace service, being asked to self-isolate and about any COVID apps people may be using.
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Key findings

  • The majority of people agreed that they would get tested if they had symptoms
  • Of those who would not get tested the most common reason why was because they didn't know who would get access to their personal data
  • Over three quarters of the people questioned knew how to access a test
  • Most people wanted more access to tests locally
  • The majority of people agreed they would self isolate for 14 days if necessary. 


  • People are finding the information around coronavirus confusing and would welcome local tailored information specific to Bolton. Particularly around local lockdown information, restrictions and shielding.
  • We would recommend Bolton Council consider producing a dedicated local information page be made available.
  • We would recommend Bolton Council produce some easy read literature/videos that explain the steps to obtain a coronavirus test and the registration procedure.
  • Many respondents have expressed concerns about how their personal data may be used. We recommend that Bolton Council produce information about the safeguards around people’s personal data: how it is stored, how long for, who has access to it and offer reassurance that personal information will not be used for any other purposes.
  • Some people who have already been tested for coronavirus have never had the results back. We recommend Bolton Council produce some information about how to go about getting results back and what to do if this does not happen.
  • People are unsure about how the NHS Test and Trace is supposed to work. We would recommend that much more local information is made available about this together with simple visuals/videos


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Living with COVID-19

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