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Are you happy with your GP? - We will soon be sharing the result of our survey!

The Covid 19 pandemic has meant that health and care services have had to adapt the way they deliver their care to patients and the public. We've been listening to your experiences about using your GP practice, what works well and not so well. We will use your feedback to help the NHS understand any difficulties you may have, and to look at making improvements to the way you experience your care. 


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Are you or your loved ones waiting for hospital care? We will soon be sharing the result of the survey.

Millions of people have had their treatment delayed by the pandemic - are you one of them? We wanted to know if you're getting the advice, information and support you need while  you wait. We will soon be sharing the results of your feedback here. You might also be interested to know about a website that can offer support whilst you are waiting for hospital care.

While You Wait

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Re-connecting with our Communities

Our new community engagement officer - Yasmin, is doing some work with us to start re-connecting with our community groups, and to also find out about any new ones. We are very keen that all community groups have their voice heard in their health and social care services.

If you or your group would like us to contact you , please let Yasmin know by emailing or telephone: 07506 280566 - leave a message and someone will call  you back.

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