Co-designed information resource for home care customers

As part of their new Home Care Quality Improvement Programme Bolton Local Authority have worked with some representatives of home care services to try to understand why relationships between service providers and clients are sometimes difficult.
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Key findings

  • People welcome an easy to understand information sheet they can take away, which can help them to navigate setting up care packages for themselves or a loved one.
  • People have varying levels of understanding of the terms used- an info sheet will help people to understand what they are negotiating.
  • People want this resource at the beginning of their journey- as soon home care is mentioned.
  • Managing expectations and clear communication is key to establishing a successful relationship between customer and provider.

People's top priorities

  1. Explanation of home care, what to expect 
  2. 1st Visit- what to expect 
  3. What are time bandings? 
  4. Payments 
  5. Changing/Ending Care Packages


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Codesigned information resource for home care customers

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