Bolton Electronic Shared Care Record

We collected peoples views on the adapability of an electronic care record through an open survey available to the people of Bolton. This report highlights our findings and our recommendations based on the people's views.
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A survey was created to enable individuals a quick and simple way to pass on their views around this topic.  There were 4 questions:

  • What do you think of the Bolton Care Record?
  • What do you think the benefits to having a shared care record might be?
  • Do you have any concerns about a shared care record?
  • Suggestions for how the proposed model for a Bolton care Record could be improved

In total 146 individuals completed the survey and the key findings aware as follows:

  • There was an overwhelming positive reaction to the Bolton Shared Care Record (BSCR) in general with between 79-83% of people rating 4 statements as either agree or strongly agree.
  • 83% said they would strongly agree or agree that the BSCR would support health professionals to make the best decisions about the care I need.
  • 57% thought the care record was already shared amongst health professionals.
  • The majority of people thought the BSCR would save time and enable a more holistic approach to their care.
  • 56% agreed or strongly agreed with the statement that sharing information was a concern to them.
  • 82% agreed or strongly agreed that they would like to know which health professionals their information was being shared with.
  • It was clear that people wanted more information about the BSCR with many saying they had never heard of it and they don’t fully understand it.


There is a very high level of acceptability amongst the general public for the concept of an electronic shared care record and it is also worth noting that many 57% thought it already existed.

For most the benefit of saving time for both professionals and patients was seen as a positive along with enabling professionals to provide more holistic support to their patients.

It is important to note however that this does not mean there are no concerns and people requested more information and consultation was done with the public around this to improve understanding and awareness.

A number of recommendations have been made following the feedback received, and these along with all the comments can be found in the report by clicking on the report below:


Bolton Electronic Shared Care Record

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