Carer Friendly Communities

We looked at what makes carer friendly experiences. This report highlights which areas carers feel they face the most challenges with and where they feel most / least supported across housing, care and support, education, work and community sectors
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The theme of carers was voted the 3rd most important priority for 2018-2019 by Healthwatch members of the public.  Having previously carried out a number of projects with a theme of carers this project aims to look at how various areas of people’s lives are affected by having a caring role.

The hope was to help inform service providers in different realms about carer’s specific needs in the hope that a variety of different kinds of providers can consider more carer friendly approaches.

Bolton is thought to have over 30,000 unpaid carers and this project aims to engage with anyone with a caring role.


Throughout this project we spoke to 119 people.  Of the people we spoke to and answered the relevant questions:

  • 62% of responses came from individuals currently in a caring role

Key Findings

We analysised the data under 8 different domains; housing, education, employment, transport, community, health & support services, technology and respite.

  • There were areas where people felt supported as a carer.  Examples include local support groups, healthcare workers and services that provide assistance.
  • Many people expressed difficulty in managing the physical and mental effects of caring, particularly as this role often lasts many years.
  • The challenges people faced due to being a carer were compounded by difficulties in getting respite from their daily roles.  There are a variety of reasons here, not all related to what type of formal respite is on offer.
  • There is an opportunity to improve awareness of support groups and knowledge about caring.  Technology might also be able to play a part, though there should be alternatives for those unable or unwilling to use it.


The report provides details of comments related to specific issues allowing readers to understand how being a carer can influence a variety of daily tasks and interactions.

While there are examples of positive comments, the nature of being a carer, and also the questions asked, has prompted people to provide many critical comments, or examples of when things did not go perfectly.

On the back of the report a number of recommendations have been suggested in particular to Bolton carers Partnership Board.


For the full report, click on the link below:

Carer Friendly Communities

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