Accessing Care and your GP Practice

The Covid 19 pandemic has changed the way people can access their heath and care. Find out what people had to say about their GP and how things can be improved in our latest report
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  • Over 400 people shared their experiences of accessing their GP practice last year
  • When contacting their GP, most people preferred to do this by telephone
  • When using digital platforms, most people did not find this very easy
  • When asked about quality of care, most people felt it had got worse since changes were made to the way they accessed their GP
  • Most people were unhappy about the type of appointment they were offered at their practice, however many reported they preferred the different options available
  • Many people struggled to get through to their GP on the telephone
  • Many people self-cared if they were unable to get an appointment

NHS Bolton Clinical Commissioning Group provided a response to the recommendations in the report. Some of the imporvements that patients can expect to see are as follows:

  • Will work to resolve some of the ongoing issues by improving telephone access to practices
  • Will be asking GPs to offer substantially more appointments as from April 2022
  • Will be asking practices to offer additional face to face, telephone and online appointments
  • The new nationally commissioned Community Pharmacy Consultation Service (CPCS) (with referral from GP practices), has been introduced into Bolton. The service allows GP practices to directly refer patients with a range of minor conditions for a consultation with a community pharmacist


You can read the full report and the full response from the CCG here:

Accessing Care & Your GP report

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