Hospital Discharge during Covid 19 - Report 2020

The report, Discharge to Assess: 590 people’s stories, explores the impact the new processes have had since their introduction in March to help manage the sudden rise in COVID-19 patients.
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The research consisted both of in-depth interviews with key staff groups involved in the discharge process and a survey which gathered the experiences of more than 500 patients and carers across England from late March to late August.

Understandably, the findings show patients are very grateful to hard-working doctors, nurses and care staff for continuing to deliver compassionate care in difficult circumstances during the pandemic. Increased collaboration between services was also identified as a positive outcome of the new guidance.

However, among other areas for concern: 

  • 82% of respondents did not receive a follow-up visit and assessment at home, one of the key recommendations of the new policy. Almost one in five (18%) of those also reported having unmet needs, such as equipment, medication or advice.
  • Some people felt their discharge was rushed, with around one in five (19%) feeling unprepared to leave hospital.
  • Over a third (35%) of respondents and their carers did not get a contact for further advice, despite this being a recommendation within the policy.

As a result of the findings, recommendations from Healthwatch and the British Red Cross ahead of winter to help manage the second wave of COVID-19 hospital admissions include:

  • Post-discharge check-ins: services should ensure these take place as per policy, whether by phone or in person.
  • Discharge checklists: questions should include transport home, and equipment required.
  • Communication: patients and carers should be assigned to a single point of contact for further support, in line with the national policy.
  • Medication: linking patients to voluntary sector partners who can deliver medicine could avoid discharge delays. Pharmacists should also be considered as part of multi-disciplinary teams supporting in the community.
  • Read the full report below:
Peoples Experience of Leaving Hospital during Covid 19

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