NHS Long term plan - Cardiac and Respiratory services

We aimed to gather the views of those who use cardiac or respiratory services to see what suggestions can be put forward to improve services as part of the NHS Long Term Plan
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Key findings

  • 34% described their overall experience as positive, a further 16% said very positive
  • 37% described their experience of getting support as positive
  • The majority of people waited less than 3 months for appointments


  • A number of people commented that GPs could have ordered tests earlier
  • Good relations with GPs, consultants and other health staff that might be involved with patient care were important to people.
  • People were more likely to make use of technology to search for information related to their condition or more generally about health services
  • There was interest in knowing more and bringing in technology to monitor, ease communication and clarify where people are in their treatment or support.  


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Patients views of Cardiac and Respiratory services

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