What Matters to You - The NHS at 70

This report is based on comments collected by the Clinical Commissioning Group engagement staff at the NHS 70 event. We were asked to analyse the data and produce a report to allow people to connect and understand the NHS better.
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Key findings

  • The majority of comments were positive and praise for the NHS
  • People wanted access to services to be easy with the staff delivering high quality services
  • Major topics raised included waiting times, with people finding it hard to see their GP
  • Money could be saved in administration costs and put to use on the overall operations.


  • Keep providing the service and treatment that people want. 
  • Waiting times are highlighted as a major issue that needs to be addressed
  • People want a well funded system that's efficient, innovative and avoids waste
  • People were concerned for staff welfare.
  • All aspects of the services are called to be better funded. 
  • Neither the young nor the old should be forgotten in the provision of care.
  • There is a demand for localised care, and support for community treatment, including preventative measures. 


For full comments and our recommendations please download the report below

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