Where are people with Telehealth?

This report is part of a wider project to explore what patients think of ‘neighbourhood hubs’ and to gather views and ideas about what aspects of such a service would improve their experience of accessing health and wellbeing services.
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  • Through the Bolton Engagement Alliance, Healthwatch Bolton/Bolton CVS, intend to do some more extensive work on people’s views on tele-health, extending this analysis to a wider audience and eliciting more specific information about perceived benefits, preferences for particular technologies and barriers.
  • The GP Federation to run a small scale, fully evaluated pilot with one surgery a) kitting out for skype consultations, b) training clinical staff to use skype c) offering skype appointments to patients as an alternative to face-to- face appointments. The pilot evaluation should seek the views of staff and patients as well as developing a clear indication of cost-benefit in terms of set-up and running costs, time savings for clinicians, other incidental benefits.


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Where people are at with Telehealth

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