Pharmacy Services

This report highlights the publics views on waste around medicines and the way they are dispensed, peoples knowledge of the minor aliments service and the publics knowledge around pharmicies and the services they offer.
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We spoke to 102 individuals at a variety of settings and an additional number made comments via a web forum.  In total 698 comments were recorded against all questions.  The key findings are as follows:

  • Of those spoken to in a pharmacy setting most were there to collect medicines.
  • The majority of people knew that the pharmacy dispensed prescription medicines but only 15% were able to comment about additional services such as blood pressure, smoking cessation and medication advice.
  • It was suggested that further information about what is available would be beneficial.
  • Only 5% were aware of additional services ‘Pharmacy First’ however experiences were very positive and deemed as beneficial.
  • 48% said they would use (if aware of) a scheme whereby the pharmacist could prescribe and dispense medicines independent of the GP (minor aliments scheme)
  • Many people commented on their positive experiences and relationships with their pharmacist.
  • Patients felt well informed by the pharmacists and cited that a 12month check in with them would be beneficial.
  • 5 patients reported difficulties caused by having to return to collect outstanding medication.
  • Most patients were aware of the electronic transfer of prescriptions and the service was seen as simple unless they were making changes to their medications.
  • Most said they did not stock pile medications.


  • Individuals feel that their local pharmacy provides a responsive service, very much focused around the dispensing of medicines.
  • Overall care is enhanced by the supportive relationship and additional information provided by the community pharmacist.
  • The efficiency of prescription services is valued as is the prescription service.
  • People value the ease of access to pharmacy services
  • Little is known about the free services on offer and individuals said they would benefit from further information or advertising about what’s available.


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Pharmacy Services

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