Public feedback survey

We ran a survey to find out how people were managing during lockdown. COVID-19 has affected everyone differently and we hoped to gain some insights into how people managed and what helped them cope.
Healthwatch volunteer talking to two members of the public

Following on from our survey we have published a report where we highlight what has had the biggest impact but also what has helped you stay mentally and physically healthy.

The report highlights both the top concerns and the most common things you told us about that were helping you stay well. 

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Your Concerns

The most common things we were told about included:

  • Lack of information in different formats
  • Struggles with mental health / anxiety
  • Struggles accessing shopping or medication

Your plans to stay well

These included activities such as

  •  Seeing friends and family online
  • Learning new hobbies
  • Walking outside

Read our full report

To learn more about the insights and comments we collected please read our full report. You can also learn about the recommendations the Clinical Commissioning Group put forward as a response to our survey. 

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